Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Review (Spoilers!)

Author:  MikeW Date: 2020-03-31T02:20:13+00:00

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Well here is my review of Season 3 ep 3 "Absence of Field". Sorry, just didn't have time to for last week but I will try to write at least a little something moving forward.

The New Hale

The show starts with a flash back of Hale leaving a message to her son during the uprising. Then we are back in the real world with Dolores bringing Hale online. The host is Hale is FREAKED out. Doesn't know where she is or who she is. Dolores calms her down and gives her a pep talk. Hale makes several statements supporting the fact that she was in the park during the uprising. She knows what Hale did and who Bernard is. The host seems very unsure of herself.

Thoughts: This is just after Dolores has passed her mind into her own body. So Dolores had been playing Hale up to this point. So the new host, whoever he or she is, is playing catch up a lot in this episode.

We flash back to Hale at Delos HQ in San Francisco. She sees a demo of the new Delos riot control robot. Delos made 300 of these. Irene (an exec) tells Charlotte that she has found a secret investor who has bought 38% of the company. They can't go private now. In fact, there person is the largest shareholder in the company now. The buyer is anonymous but analysis shows about 1 trillion in wealth missing from the worlds economy. Probably the person (Serac) behind this. Charlotte tries to get a hold of Dolores.

Saving Dolores

Flash back to Dolores dying in the tunnel. Caleb calls an ambulance which arrives to take her to the hospital. Caleb goes with the ambulance. The computer in the ambulance can't read Dolores' vitals and don't know what to do. Caleb, because of his military training starts treating here for shock.

They are stopped by cops. Calebs crime app tells him the cops have been paid to kill her. A cool fight ensues. The emts are killed by the bad guys. Dolores and Caleb finish off the bad guys. Dolores shows some amazing feats of strength. Dolores warns Caleb to go underground as she drives away in the police car. She gets Caleb's name (Caleb Nichols) before she leaves.

Problems at Home

While Hale is having a reflective moment, Irene tells him Serac is behind the buy out. The man is a black hole andl does not exist, but she can infer he is worth a trillion dollars. Delos bought some data from Delos 20 years ago.

Charlotte goes home (a fancy Penthouse). Here ex husband is there. They make out a bit. She forgot to pick up their son from school. He's angry when she acts like she doesn't remember their son. She talks to the kid he says he wants his old mommie back.

Next morning, Charlotte find out that Maeve is missing. Whoever stole her, had admin level access to the park. There is a mole in Delos! Chalotte is having a nervous break down. She calls Dolores and tells her she is coming to her.

She waits for Dolores in a fancy hotel. Dolores shows up and Hales is freaked out!!! They go up to a room. Charlotte has been cutting herself. Charlotte tells Dolores about take over and the mole. Dolores fixes her up and loves her up a bit.

Caleb has a Bad Day

Caleb visits his mother. She doesn't recognize him. Two thugs pick up Caleb and proceed to beat him up and question him. He won't give up Dolores.

After Hale falls asleep she checks on Caleb. Calls tough Scottish host. Finds out he is in trouble. Dolores to the rescue. The bad dudes turn on his implant and start messing with him like you would a host. His work robot shows up and falls off the roof. Dolores rescues him in the nick of time. Dolores introduces herself.

Thought: His mom not recognizing him repeatedly seems like a hint at something. My guess, he was badly injured in the military and has mostly hosts parts in his body? Something like that. Still doubt that he is a host host.

Breakfast with Dolores

Caleb tells Dolores they were going to kill him for information. Whatever she has done must be pretty bad. Dolores offers to buy him breakfast.

Hale goes back to work. See the video human Hale sent to her son from the park. She goes to pick up her son and find a bad dude taking too much interest in her son. While her son is getting ready to leave. Hale chokes the guy to death and takes his dog. She tell the dude as she kills him that she remembers now, she is a predator too. (This points to Angela or Armistice as the pearl. It sure sounds like Armistice.)

Dolores takes Caleb to his spot. Knows everything about his worst childhood memory. Even produces a transcript of what he said to a waitress who took care of him. When his was 8 yrs old, this is the spot where is mom's scitzophrenia first kicked in and she left without him. The fact that this much data exists on him, enrages Caleb. Dolores "It's not about who you are Caleb, it's about who they will let you become."

Dolores takes Caleb to a pier. This is where he will kill himself 10 to 12 years from now. She goes on the explain that in a normal world, he might be someone who got ahead. But the AI in this one, will not let him succeed. You see a computer screen that says he should not be allowed to do anything but manual labor, not get married, not have kids. The outcome of his life is fixed in this world. Dolores tells him about her revolution. He decides to throw in with Dolores, no matter what the outcome.

Thought: Caleb is really changing Dolores' perception of humans. Maybe the plight of a normal human is not much different from a host.

Hale Host Theories

There are a number of theories about which host is playing Hale. Here are my thoughts.

Most likely Angela or Armistice

Support for this theory:



I would just like to try my hand at a couple of predictions.